Enjoy a relaxing deep stretch Yin workshop, including essential oils and aromatherapy to balance and enhance your Manipura Chakra- the solar plexus and seat of your personal power. We will focus on opening the side body, hips and heart in this deeply relaxing Yin practice. Melt even more while you receive hands-on healing touch and massage for deeper relaxation. After Savasana, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and light appetizers. This is two hours of bliss, self-love and self-care.

Too often we are critical of ourselves. As we dive into our Manipura Chakra, you will harness your beauty, power and radiance. You deserve to give yourself more encouragement, support and love. Audrey will connect you to your Manipura chakra and guide you to reconnect to your True Self in order to honor and celebrate your gifts. Replenish, revive, and restore during this deeply calming mind-body workshop.